Child support cases can be tricky and complicated. They often require extensive legal research and extensive pretrial discovery. In high income cases,  parties may even have to be deposed.

Many cases, especially high net worth cases require careful preparation.

child support cases are presided over by support magistrates, but either party can challenge the magistrate final orders by submitting written objections. These are decided by a Family Court judge.

when hiring a lawyer for a child support case, it is best to choose one who has appeared in the Family Court where your case will be heard. So, if you have a Child Support Case in Staten Island you should look for a lawyer in Staten island, or who appears in Staten Island Family Court on a regular basis, if your  child support case is in Manhattan, you should choose a  Manhattan child support lawyer, and if your case is in the Brooklyn Family Court, you should choose a Brooklyn child support lawyer, or a lawyer who appears regularly in Brooklyn.