My name is Paul Winston Matthews. I am an ethical Manhattan Family Law Attorney and Civil Trial Lawyer. I handle affordable uncontested divorces and do civil trials and appeals. At present, most of my contested cases are in the  Family Court and involve issues of child custody, visitation, paternity, child support, and Family Court orders of protection. With over 20 years of experience, I have tried close to a thousand of these cases. I also try cases in the Small Claims Courts in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens Counties (only). My business has received the highest rating (A+) from the Better Business Bureau. In 2015 I was selected as one of New York’s 10 best Family Law Attorneys by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. I offer a free initial telephone consultation for all matters and cases except for Contested Divorces. Call (347) 461-0760 right now. I answer my phone in the evening and on weekends.


If you have any type of case in the NYC Family Court you need to speak with me. The Family Court is a unique court with its own customs, practices, and procedures. If you hire a lawyer who is unfamiliar with this Court, you may be at a disadvantage. I have practiced regularly in Family Court for over 20 years. I handle every type of case that is heard there, including Custody, Visitation, Paternity, Order of Protection, and Child Support cases. The tougher your case is, the more you need a lawyer who knows his way around the courthouse and who is known to the Judges, Referees, and Court Staff. My office is conveniently located three blocks from the Manhattan Family Court Building. I believe that legal fees, especially in New York City, have become way too high. I believe that it is possible to offer high quality legal representation while still charging reasonable fees. My hourly rate for Family Court cases is only $200 an hour, which is considered to be very reasonable for an attorney with many years of experience.


Thanks to NY state’s having finally passed a no-fault divorce law, getting an uncontested divorce is now easy and painless.  If you decide to hire me to do your divorce, I promise that I myself, not a clerk, paralegal, or junior lawyer will personally prepare all of the necessary papers.  When I prepare the papers I use the most up to date and effective software that automatically detects/prevents mistakes and delays. While uncontested divorces without children can be simple, the law and the forms are constantly changing, so it is important to use an attorney who has the latest updates and knows about changes in the law. Once the papers have been filed with the court I calendar the case up and follow up on its progress.  You almost never have to go to court on an uncontested divorce. All you have to do is get the papers to me and I do the rest.  I treat every case as a “rush job” because I know that you want to get on with your life.

If there are children involved, there is a lot more paperwork for me to do, but not much more for you to do, as long as you have reached an agreement with your spouse about custody, visitation, and child support.


I have always enjoyed trying cases in the Small Claims court. Back when I started out as a brand new lawyer I worked for the NYC Law Department. During my first year I would typically try 4 or 5 Small Claims cases every Monday night. At present I try cases in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

If you are suing a person as a general rule you must bring your case in the county where he or she works or resides. If you are suing a business, in general you must bring your case in the county where the business has a physical location. If your case is not in any of those boroughs, I can do a coaching session with you via SKYPE where I will advise you about trial strategy, and the presentation of evidence at the Hearing. My rates are very reasonable. For night court I charge only $300 each time I have to go to court, for day court I charge only $500, and SKYPE coaching session is $175 for up to one hour of coaching.

Small claims court is an interesting and sometimes challenging court for lawyers and non-lawyers alike, as it is difficult to predict whether the court will apply the formal rules of evidence or not. My office is conveniently located about 3 blocks from the Manhattan Small Claims Court.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is intended to show general principles of law for NEW YORK STATE ONLY, and should not be relied upon for decision making without consultation with an experienced Divorce Lawyer, Civil Trial Lawyer or Family Law attorney as to your particular situation. Contact via email does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Contains Lawyer advertising.